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Her mother, then a teenager, gave her life to Christ at a Crusade in their native Australia.“That is an absolutely profound part of my story, since I grew up in a strong Christian family.

I have to kind of fight for very strong boundaries.”- JUDY TARJANYIRebecca St.

She also offers “rules” like this: “Don't let anything belonging to your body enter anything belonging to someone else's body.”The boundaries St. James said she sees only tremendous pluses in delaying sex until marriage.“I think that Christian or non-Christian, abstinence is so completely practical. You don't have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, pregnancy outside marriage, telling your future spouse what you did before you got married, or blushing when you tell your kids.”When she does get married, St.

James recommends setting in the book are ones she observes herself, she said. James said, she anticipates great delight in being able to give her husband the gift of her purity.

She's a popular contemporary Christian singer with a built-in platform for practically any message she chooses.

“It's just such an in-your-face message it really appealed to them.”In the United States, St. James not only touts the value of sexual purity, but gives practical advice about how to achieve and maintain it.

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James said, her message is resonating with young people who tell her they are grateful for someone who supports their convictions about sexual abstinence before marriage. James, whose new book on sexual purity, Wait for Me, is based on her song of the same name, said she tells young people, “Stand with me. She said she decided to get pretty specific in the book because with so much detail about sex in television, film, and music people need clear advice if they are going to maintain sexual purity.“They've heard the rhetoric.