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Here’s what it looked like before I assembled everything.Now, BEFORE you get started with anything like this, please start at the breaker box and switch the power off completely to the lights you will be working on.While you can have a professional handle the lighting installation, you can also learn how to install recessed lighting yourself.Recessed Lighting is used extensively in most new homes for many good reasons. It was so easy in fact, that I just purchased the pendants yesterday, installed them this morning, and now I’m posting them on my blog at lunch time. And the best part was, I didn’t have to You can see a little edge of the recessed can light in the middle of the kitchen in the picture above.I decided to move my Grandfather’s butcher block to the middle of the kitchen and get the old island/cabinet piece out of the way.With innovations such as the Air Seal, recess lighting no longer provides a way for either heat or air to escape into the ceiling space.A good recess lighting plan will offer unobtrusive general lighting in living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Whenever one burns out replace it with an LED bulb.We have it in some other spot in the kitchen now, but that will be for another blog post.🙂 Here’s a picture I snapped this morning just before I installed the pendant light conversion kit, which I purchased yesterday at Lowes.If you buy the components separately, you can save roughly per light. There is little to no time saved by buying the integrated kit.30 cans in basement x savings = 0.Instead you can buy that toilet with the heated seat and remote control!

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Placed strategically in the kitchen they provide task lighting and if aimed towards artwork they become accent lighting.