Rihanna dating kanye west

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Rihanna dating kanye west

Vanessa guest-starred on Drake's show "Drake & Josh." After the show, she took a nude photo of herself, which she then allegedly sent to Drake, though he states he never received it. He lated revealed: "I was a pawn," adding that she gave him a taste of his own medicine by romancing, then dumping him.

Whether or not the picture was for him, a scandal erupted years later when the photograph hit the web.2009Drake dated rapper, singer, actress, and recent signee to Kanye West's G. (Rihanna has confirmed that she dated Drake in 2009, but the fling came after her split with Chris Brown, which left her too "fragile" to get serious with anyone.

After all, it’s been reported that some can’t input their email address because the system will not accept it.They've since been linked numerous times, and given their chemistry in Drake's 2012 "Take Care" video, it's easy to see why.In January 2012, the Toronto MC told British DJ Tim Westwood: "Me and Rihanna have a great connection, but no, we’re not together.")2010Drake dated model Amber Rose.When you click on the website to sign up for early access, it says so loud and clear.What’s not clear though, is how they determine if you’re a Swiftie or not.

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As a matter of fact, he may not be involved in this project at all.

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