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There are three performance designations that Chang School CECLs can use.

These comments were all helpful, for or against, because I believe I can see through each one for what it is.Once grades have been submitted and “Approved” by you, they will be posted at regular intervals by Student Records until May 2.As long as your grade roster remains “Not reviewed”, you can change your grades until the deadline. on May 2, all grades, including those with a status of “Not reviewed”, will be posted.Everyone's comments here and on other sites has only confirmed for me and my family that Dr.Amitay, whether he is proud of himself and his accomplishments or if he refrains from sharing same with others, that he is everything he knows he is, and so why not feel great about yourself.

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As the Winter 2018 teaching term comes to a close, we would like to highlight your end-of-term responsibilities.