Secrets of dating a man

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Secrets of dating a man

There are many times men have no clue that you are interested in them until you follow up with them.

Most men just need a little help with this step and will lead after the first follow up.

Then the next time you are engaging in conversation think about how you wish to follow up with that person and set the stage for your follow up.

2) Think of the people that you have met in the past couple of days and follow up with them.

Most often if you made a neutral first impression the follow up message is what brings this person to be excited by you and start thinking about the possibilities.

Within the last decade the hot dating advice was to wait 7 days till you make any sort of contact.

You may have had a conversation at length with this person or you may have only had but a briefest of conversations.

You could have met this person through a business networking event, a Tweetup, at the gym, a party hosted by a friend, at a Meetup event, or sitting in a coffee shop.

Typically, this is exactly where things are left and so it is added to the countless number of missed opportunities.

This is where I push my dating clients because this is the moment where successful daters shine.

I believe it’s YOUR job to follow up regardless if you are a man or a women.

If we all took this as our responsibility we would see a decrease in missed opportunities and soon I happily would lose a large portion of my clientele. The point of following up is to show further interest in the other person.

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My Challenge to You: Now, that you are armed with this knowledge I give you these two challenges.

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