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Jack Hyles shares his personal testimony of His filling of the Spirit of God for service in preaching the gospel.

He recounts many powerful testimonies of moody, finney, fox, savanrola, and many others This is one of Dr.

Denominationalism is a prison for many and the spirit of this many need to be freed from.

He gives a strong exhortation about the abuse of seeking lustfully money for personal gain amongst the Churches. He delivered this message at a leadership conference and exhorts us to not lose our heart and burden for the lost souls going to a Christless eternity.

Derek Melton speaks powerfully on the subject of the need of doctrinal truth and purity in the last days we live in.

This sermon points out how the denominational spirit is the same that impelled the Pharisee's to emphasize their spiritual purity due to their Abrahamic pedigree.

Art Katz gives a very prophetic and important message for current evangelicalism to embrace.

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It began when Pastor Steve felt the Lord impress a message into his heart which he in turn translated into his own vernacular: "Christians are crazy if they don't immerse themselves in My Word while they still can."Here we are confronted by one of America’s foremost, modern, “prophets” as he deals with several of church’s most fundamental truths: the fear of God, and the Holy Spirit—and we find his message greeted largely with silence.