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You can use a rating scale to describe: Use this form to record all medicines - not just pain medicines - you are now taking.

This information will help your doctor keep track of all the medicines you are taking.

Feedlot Manager Beta version of new feedlot manager.

- My Reports - Animal Data: Option to list the groups of a particular category for the report animals.Update from Web The web hosting company Benguela Soft uses, Hetzner, was hacked the past Thursday as reported in the media.Hetzner, one of the major hosting companies in South Africa, informed all clients, such as Benguela Soft (clients in this context does not refer to you as client of Benguela Soft), that ftp login details were exposed in the hack and that they proactively reset all ftp passwords as a precautionary measure.Also as Bengu Farm databases are located on each client` own computer(s), and Mobile for GAME databases on the applicable Android device, animal information is not affected in any way.No animal or other Bengu Farm records are stored in the cloud, only Bengu Farm mobile user login information of clients who use Bengu Farm mobile for GAME.

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Can also add pen activities, such as quantity of feed put out and other activities done in the pen.