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Manipulating mindfulness benefits creative elaboration at high levels of neuroticism. Differentiating bingeing/purging and restrictive eating disorder subtypes: The respective roles of temperament, effortful control, and cognitive control. Implicit self-importance in an interpersonal pronoun categorization task. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Metaphor research in social-personality psychology: The road ahead. Responsiveness to the negative affect system as a function of emotion perception: Relations between affect and sociability in three daily diary studies. A particular ongoing interest is the manner in which explicit and implicit components of personality interact in predicting emotional experiences and behavior.

The work takes place at the intersection of personality, social, and cognitive psychology and generally concerns affective outcomes. Five questions about emotion: Implications for social-personality psychology.

Does the avoidance of body and shape concerns reinforce eating disordered attitudes?

Trait self-report as a “fill in” belief system: Categorization speed moderates the extraversion/life satisfaction relation.

Preferences and inferences in encoding visual objects: A systematic comparison of semantic and affective priming.

(Note: This is an edited version of our 1998 paper listed above.) Clore, G.

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