Sex dating in monmouth california

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Sex dating in monmouth california

Always keep yourself safe and remember to contact Campus Safety or the local police if necessary (Campus Safety: 309-337-5708 or local police: 911) Public Broadcast System A campus-wide public broadcasting system is used to alert the college community to possible emergency situations.

Emergency Contact System Monmouth College, in collaboration with an outside emergency contact provider, has developed an Emergency SCOTS ALERT system whereby students, faculty and staff are alerted via their cell phones and computer email accounts to the emergency.

This is especially true when we are in a large group and we are not sure if what we are seeing is dangerous or not.

Waiting for others to react is problematic especially if everyone is feeling the same uncertainty.

In addition the residence hall programs also sponsor a number of safety programs for their residence which include the following topics: 1) Alcohol Use and Abuse, 2) Drug Use and Abuse,3) Date Rape, 4) Aids Awareness, 5) Safe Sex, 6), Safety on Campus.

Campus Safety Vehicles Monmouth College Campus Safety Officers use a designated security vehicle to respond to emergency situations.

Sexual assault includes, but is not limited to: For more information on how to file a complaint or report an incident of sexual assault, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, see Scots Guide Harassment Policy Violence based on racism shows disregard for human life and can cause emotional anguish.

Violence based on racism can also result in injury, bodily harm, or even death.

Residence Halls Locked 24 Hours All residence halls, the fraternity complex and theme houses are locked 24 hours a day at Monmouth College. Residence Hall Prevention Programs Residence hall staff conducts regular fire safety drills in collaboration with the local fire department.

Any member of the college community can file a complaint according to Scots Guide Harassment Policy.

Bystander Intervention A safe and healthy community requires the commitment of everyone, and each of us can play an important role in preventing harassment, sexual violence and relationship violence (including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking).

Monmouth College does not tolerate physical violence or damage to property.

For more information on Monmouth College policies regarding physical violence and damage to property please visit: The Scots Guide.

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Monmouth College’s policy on harassment clearly states that this is not tolerated on the Monmouth College campus.

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