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These bibliographies are in no way complete and are just a small fraction of the available literature on disabilities. Cheyenne, Wyo: Developmental Disabilities Protection and Advocacy System, 1986. In the format of an encyclopedia, the text includes people, places, language, legislation and important events relevant to the disability rights movement. Personal correspondence with important figures in the field of developmental disability, public officials and others are given.

The bibliographies include historical works as well as contemporary texts and incorporate a wide range of authors, from historians to amateur authors. A bibliography detailing the remarkable life of William P. As a social reformer and philanthropist, Letchworth contributed to the causes of the disabled and helped to establish Craig Colony for epileptics. Eugene, Or: Rehabilitation Research and Training Center in Mental Retardation, 1979. C.: National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, 2004. Investigates constitutional rights and laws in relation to the developmentally disabled. C.: American Association on Mental Retardation, 1994. Written as an expose on insane asylums in the 19th century, the author advocates for sweeping changes in the institutional system. A timeline of important events and a detailed bibliography are provided.

Topics include habilitation programs, behavior modification, education, daily life skills, and staff burnout. A criticism of the school system and the systems result. Originally written in 1889, this is a report of the “current” status of the education of the feebleminded. The book offers and stresses a kinesthetic approach rather than learning through vision.

A compliment to a religious curriculum for the developmentally disabled. Published by the National Society for the Study of Education. A glossary of legal terms, appendix, and an index of court cases are provided. Horsham, PA: LRP Publications, 1979-Present, biweekly. This journal was formerly known as the Education for the Handicapped Law Report but changed its title in 1981. Gives guidance for teachers unequipped to handle this segment of the schooling population. Jones provides an overview of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), originally enacted in 1975, which authorizes federal funding for the education of disabled children. Covers classification, development of special education programs and teaching methods. The experiment demonstrated mental and social development of the children and improvement of functioning levels. Provides correspondence between Itard and Philippe Pinel on the education of Vistor and discusses Itard’s methods of training the feral boy. Format is an experiment summary with collected data presented in graphs and charts. Clearly detailed is the special education process, rights of disabled children to a free public education, and the programs and services available. Describes the child and his or her needs, educational objectives, how they learn and other classroom issues. The biography offers a history of the frontal lobotomy, tells the story of Freeman’s life divided into 3 sections, and givesperspective to opponents and proponents of the procedure. The research focused on intellectual stimulation of children from depressed communities. Written for parents of disabled school children, this book was prepared in accordance to the IDEA of 1990. Looks at the use of educational films in the special education classroom specifically for the educable mentally retarded child. Social interaction, verbal education, and cognitive behavior are some of the topics covered. Also included in the appendix is the exact record of the introduced amendments in the New York assembly regular session of 1999-2000. Divided into 2 sections, mild and severe mental retardation, the authors provide suggestions and techniques for teaching the developmentally disabled. Written for teachers, parents, professionals and others who work with people with mental disabilities. Gleason observed the residents during the implementation of the Education of Handicapped Act 1975. Each section pertaining to a specific change is followed by a question and answer segment for the amendments. Provides teachers thoughts on the issues involving mainstreaming and research on the subject of mainstreaming.

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