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Agency: UTA | Amanda Hymson, Greg Mc Knight Management: Heroes and Villains Entertainment | Henry Huang Presented by Aline Brosh Mc Kenna VALEDICTORIAN by Cosmo Carlson Follows an obsessive, type-A student as they vow to secure the valedictorian title by any means necessary.Agency: WME | Meyash Prabhu, Simon Faber Management: Lighthouse Productions | Jacob Epstein Presented by Justin Simien BROSIO by Mattson Tomlin Inspired by the work of John Brosio.COME AS YOU ARE by Zach Baylin An idealistic young woman’s life begins to unravel when her job in social media exposes her to the darkest corners of humanity sending her on a violent mission to take down not just the web’s vicious content but its creators as well.

Agency: CAA | Jay Baker, Sue Carls Management: Management 360 | Eryn Brown Presented by Margot Robbie THE EXPANSION PROJECT by Leo Sardarian A rookie marine gets stranded on a hostile planet during humanity’s space colonization, with nothing but her exo-suit that’s running out of fusion power.Agency: CAA | Ida Ziniti, Jay Baker, Pete Stein Management: Grandview | Zac Frognowski Presented by Andrea Berloff ARC OF JUSTICE by Max Borenstein and Rodney Barnes Based on the book by Kevin Boyle. Ossian Sweet after he was charged with the murder of a white man in self-defense.Agency: UTA | Charlie Ferraro, Keya Khayatian, Tim Phillips, Larry Salz (Borenstein); UTA | Douglas Fronk (Barnes) Management: Anonymous Content | Bard Dorros (Borenstein); Principato Young | Allen Fischer, Brian Dobbins (Barnes) Presented by Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz DON’T BE EVIL by Gabe Diani, Etta Devine, and Evan Bates A kinetic and elevated comedy about the rise of Google as Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmitt struggle with their corporate model, “Don’t Be Evil”, in the face of their meteoric rise to a multi-billion dollar valuation and a major Chinese hacking incident.Agency: UTA | Keya Khayatian, Jordan Lonner Management: LBI Entertainment | Harry Lengsfield Presented by Sean Baker ESCAPE FROM THE NORTH POLE by Paul Laudiero & Ben Baker The tale of a young girl who must partner up with an elf, a Russian explorer, and a reindeer to rescue Santa Claus from a band of evil elves and save the North Pole.Agency: WME | Jeff Gorin, Nick Hoagland, Ryan Draizin Presented by Anya Taylor-Joy FUBAR by Brent Hyman The story of an inept, CIA psychologist who is embedded on a globe-trotting mission with the agency’s most valuable operative who suffers from an extreme case of multiple personality disorder.

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Agency: CAA | Bill Zotti, Dana Harris, Hylda Queally Management: LBI Entertainment | Harry Lengsfield Presented by Dee Rees KEEPER OF THE DIARY by Evan Kilgore and Samuel Franco Chronicles Otto Frank’s journey, with the help of a junio editor at Doubleday Press, to find a publisher for the diary his daughter Anne wrote during the Holocaust.