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Manually trigger Skulls attack on Quarantine platform.After you have captured some Skulls attack them in their cages to trigger an attack.This option changes phase of soldiers command post on damaging the soldier.

Does not effect marking on i Droid map--------------------1: Disable head markers : Off, On Disables markers above soldiers and objects2: Disable Xray marking : Off, On Disables the ' X-ray' effect of marked soldiers.

This setting allows mixed MGs and Shotguns (but still with the enemy prep total) and also applies them per CP.13: Balance small CPs : Off, On Adds limits and some randomisation to small cp/lrrps enemy prep application14: Disable convert armor to shield (if armor off) : Off, On Where heavy armor is disabled (free roam by default) the normal game converts armor to shields in addition to the normal shield application, this often leads to it feeling like there's just too many.15: Randomize minefield mine types : Off, On Randomizes the types of mines within a minfield from the default anti-personel mine to gas, anti-tank, electromagnetic.

While the placing the mines may not be ideal for the minetype, it does enable OSP of items that would be impossible to get otherwise.16: Enable additional minefields : Off, On In the game many bases have several mine fields but by default only one is enabled at a time, this option lets you enable all of them.

After you have captures some Skulls attack the in their cages to trigger an attack. Pressing while support heli will toggle Disable pull-out. Mostly useful with the ' Mission start time till open door' so you can control how long you stay sitting in heli on mission start. See Infinite Heaven readme or Inf Quick Menu in mod folder. IH writes its settings to ih_in the MGS_TPPmodsaves folder.

If changing from pull-out to pull-out disabled you'll still have to exit and enter the heli, but while pull-out is disabled pressing it will cause heli to pull-out. While the file is editable, editing an in Mission save is likely to cause issues. Editable lists of options as an alternative to using the in game IH menu, see the \mod\profiles folder in your MGS_TPP game folder.


Note: Buddies that mark still cause the effect.3: Disable world markers : Off, On Disables objective and placed markers Mission-prep restrictions menu- Only affects the mission-prep screen, not the in-mission equivalents.------------------------------1: Disable select-sortie time : Off, On Only allows ASAP at mission prep2: Disable select-buddy : Off, On Prevents use of buddies during mission prep.3: Disable select vehicle : Off, On Disallows at mission prep.4: Enable mission prep to MB : Off, On Disable mission support-menus menu- Disables mission support menus in i Droid----------------------------------1: Disable Supply drop support-menu : Off, On2: Disable Buddies support-menu : Off, On3: Disable Attack support-menu : Off, On4: Disable Heli attack support-menu : Off, On5: Disable Support-menu : Off, On Item level menu---------------1: Int-Scope level : Don't override, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 42: IDroid level : Don't override, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4Hand abilities levels menu--------------------------1: Sonar level : Don't override, Disable, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 42: Mobility level : Don't override, Disable, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 43: Precision level : Don't override, Disable, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 44: Medical level : Don't override, Disable, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4Fulton levels menu------------------1: Fulton Level : Don't override, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 42: Wormhole Level : Don't override, Disable, Enable Fulton success menu- Adjust the success rate of fultoning-------------------1: Disable MB fulton support : Off, On Disregards the success bonus from mother base support section, in the base game this is mostly used to counter weather penalty.2: Disable MB fulton medical : Off, On Disregards the success bonus from mother base medical section, in the base game this used to counter injured target penalty3: Target dying penalty : 0-1004: Target sleeping penalty : 0-1005: Target holdup penalty : 0-1006: Dont apply MB medical bonus to sleeping/fainted target : Off, On Lets you balance sleeping penalty separately from dying while keeping mb medical bonus.7: Hostage handling : Default, Must extract (0%)8: Print fulton success bonus : 0-1OSP menu- Allows you to enter a mission with primary, secondary, back weapons set to none, individually settable.

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