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Manually trigger Skulls attack on Quarantine platform.After you have captured some Skulls attack them in their cages to trigger an attack.Since the variable is only read once on game startup this setting requires a game restart before it will activate/deactivate.10: Keep equipment Free Mission : Off, On Prevents equipment and weapons being reset when going between free-roam and missions.11: Marking display menu12: Mission-prep restrictions menu13: Disable mission support-menus menu14: Item level menu15: Hand abilities levels menu16: Fulton levels menu17: Fulton success menu18: OSP menu Marking display menu- Toggles for marking in main view.

(See ' Trigger random IH event')4: Allow Hunted event : Off, On5: Allow Crashland event : Off, On6: Allow Lost Coms event : Off, On7: Enable Skull attacks in Free roam : Off, On Skulls attack at a random time (in minutes) between Skull attack min and Skull attack max settings.8: Allow armor skulls : Off, On9: Allow mist skulls : Off, On10: Allow sniper skulls : Off, On11: Skull attack min (minutes) : 0-18012: Skull attack max (minutes) : 0-18013: Weather on Skull attack : None, Parasite fog, Random Player restrictions menu- Settings to customize the game challenge, including subsistence and OSP.------------------------1: Disable support heli attack : Off, On Stops support heli from engaging targets.2: Disable fulton action : Off, On3: Force subsistence suit (Olive Drab, no headgear) : Off, On4: Set hand type to default : Off, On5: Disable abort mission from pause menu : Off, On6: Disable retry on mission fail : Off, On7: Game over on combat alert : Off, On8: Disable Intel team enemy spotting : Off, On Stops the Intel teams enemy spotting audio notification and indication on the idroid map.9: Disable Intel team herb spotting (requires game restart) : Off, On Stops the Intel teams plant spotting audio notification and indication on the idroid map.Still relies on enemy prep level to be high enough for minefields to be enabled.Custom soldier equip menu- Allow soldiers to have equipment from other locations/types, including DD equipment usually only used on FOB.Equip ' NONE' for primary and secondary via the normal mission prep equipment select screen.The entries will show as a white square with '---' as the text.


Discrete features=================Disables self on FOBFOB mode automatically uses defaults/unmodified, this does not affect saved settings on return.