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It is the sum of the parts that illustrates Church’s brilliance.

To this end, I decided to filter this year’s public programs through the lens of all the launches to set the stage for this year’s exhibition and overarching themes that relate to Church and the Middle East.

A World without Volunteers is a World without Olana Holly Kelly, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator, The Olana Partnership Imagine Olana without volunteers.

If you tried to book a tour, you would find far fewer options- over 4,000 people would be disappointed this year and unable to view the inside of the main house and collections. Who would have saved Olana over 50 years ago without the dedication of the volunteer advocates who rallied the community, journalists, and politicians?

It is hard to select a few tours or programs as “highlights” because we design and conceptualize the educational programs as an organism, an eco-system, serving a range of different audiences and institutional goals all interrelating for the site’s success.

We see our programs just as Church saw his house and landscape- inseparable from one another with no part more important than the other.

Hufnagel, Director of Education The Olana Partnership’s Education Department spent January and February in research, planning, partner building, fundraising, reading, and training mode.Who would have tirelessly raised funds, given tours, and thrown events to secure Olana’s future?Who would have founded Friends of Olana in 1971, which later became The Olana Partnership?Without volunteers, Olana as we know it wouldn’t exist.The house and belongings would have gone to auction.

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The landscape wouldn’t be a public work of art with over 170,000 annual visitors.