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Skandal dating

Democrats have smuggled info out to the public setting the record straight on the Nunes memo and on the bogus notion pushed by congressional Republicans that the Democratic-funded “Steele Dossier” was the genesis of the Russia probe — both of which were part of a broad effort to weaponize the oversight process in defense of Trump. ) start talks about the future of North Korea’s nuclear program.

* LOSS IN PA-18 WOULD BE ‘EMBARRASSING’ FOR TRUMP: Bloomberg Politics reports that Democrat Conor Lamb has the momentum in the House special election in Pennsylvania and may actually win: It would be an embarrassing defeat for the president and yet another sign of a weakened GOP … has been solidly in Republican hands since it was drawn under redistricting in 2002. “It’s a good test of whether Democrats can break through in Trump country,” said David Wasserman, the House editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.* WHY TRUMP ACCEPTED MEETING: NBC News reports that the White House does not envision the meeting as even the start of talks — sanctions will remain in place — and explains why Trump accepted: A senior administration official told reporters on a call after the announcement that “at this point, we’re not even talking about negotiations.” …Because of Kim’s consolidated decision-making power in the regime, the senior official said “it made sense to accept an invite to meet with the one person who can actually make decisions” instead of continuing with the “long slog of the past.” Well, okay.And in so doing, it has reminded us of Trump’s own history — the endorsement of accused sexual predator Roy Moore, the allegations of Trump’s own unwanted advances, and his open boasts about sexual assault. Democras have pushed Republicans to force transparency on Trump’s tax returns — to no avail.It’s a measure of just how politically explosive this is that Gowdy, in that CNN interview, was so critical of Kelly and Mc Gahn by name. Democrats have released information demonstrating Trump’s refusal to act to safeguard our democracy from future sabotage. * QUESTIONS SWIRL ABOUT TRUMP’S NORTH KOREA GAMBLE: Trump has accepted an invitation to meet with Kim Jong Un to (maybe?

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