Some updating commands could not be generated automatically

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The latest workaround suggestion I received from JAMF was to "either change our workflow for policy deployment, or temporarily disable policies" scoped to smart groups. I don't understand what's going on at JAMF these days.

If I was in your situation I would be escalating this to the highest levels I could.

It looks like he’s out for the day already, so I’ve got a note left for myself to get in touch with him tomorrow to run these questions by him and make sure my understanding of the updates to the defect are accurate first. Amanda Wulff JAMF Software Support @mm2270 What we’ve found in our testing so far is that, if the management framework updated without an inventory submission, smart groups containing JAMF Binary Version as one of their criteria would not update to reflect that change and devices whose JAMF Binary Version has changed may not fall out of or enter into the appropriate smart groups without doing the “edit/save” method.

Only SGs that use the jamf binary version as part of their criteria seem to be affected by this?

Or do you mean it only occurs if the jamf binary was updated and the Mac didn't submit new inventory properly?

The current people running JAMF day to day seem to have lost their passion for putting out a rock solid product. Its hard to imagine how anyone there would actually say to stop using policies scoped to Smart Groups as a temp workaround.

:-/ They might as well tell you to use another management product!

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Hey all, Just an update on the defect: We've done some additional testing on this issue since it was opened last week to narrow down the scope of D-007794, and they've found that it appears to be pretty specific to criteria related to the JAMF binary version when the binary updated without an inventory report being sent in to the JSS.

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