Some updating commands could not be generated automatically

Posted by / 16-Aug-2017 12:04

Some updating commands could not be generated automatically

Hey all, Just an update on the defect: We've done some additional testing on this issue since it was opened last week to narrow down the scope of D-007794, and they've found that it appears to be pretty specific to criteria related to the JAMF binary version when the binary updated without an inventory report being sent in to the JSS.

The timing certainly sucks so close to JNUC, but its not like they haven't been in that place before.

I may be mistaken, but I believe this is not the first time this particular bug has reared its ugly head.

I seem to recall it showing up some time back and was finally resolved in an update. Given that Smart Groups are one of the most crucial and integral aspects of Casper Suite, not having them working properly is nearly a showstopper. We're planning our upgrade to v9 soon, and will need to watch this issue closely.

If inventory get submitted immediately after the framework update, the Smart Group was manually updated by using the edit/save method, or the next time the device(s) check in normally and does its routine inventory update, the group will update its memberships accordingly.

Currently, we’re testing setting up other Smart Group scenarios in which the device(s) interact with the JSS in some fashion to update its inventory criteria (a new binary version, new app version, name change, department change, etc…anything that would reflect a change in the device’s inventory record) that would result in a device falling into or out of a Smart Group.

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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this?