Spanish dating cultures different from american

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Spanish dating cultures different from american

Although there are many differences between these two cultures, there are also some similarities.In both Hispanic and American cultures, family is put at the very top of the priority list. If there is any kind of family emergency, the rest of the family will be there for support.The grandparents also usually live in the household with the children and the parents.

In the American culture this would be seen as very inappropriate.

The family structure, way of greeting each other, and language are all things that need to be brought to attention so each culture can understand one another and live happily in the same country. I like taking two different things and talking about what they have in common and how they're different.

It's different form a traditional essay because it doesn't just have one topic to discuss.2) I didn't like it because it was a lot more critical thinking involved which was much more complicated.

With the growing Hispanic population, the American culture is becoming more and more affected by the Hispanic culture.

The Hispanic culture is much different than the American culture but Americans have had to become accustomed to some of the Hispanic traditions because of the increasing number of Hispanic families living in the states.

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In formal business settings, one is always greeted with a handshake.