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The report, with the odd title "Tales from the Land of Brothers Grimm" describes how successful the analysts have been in using the program.It is also enlightening because it shows that many NSA employees had a great deal of respect for XKeyscore.The so-called "Dagger Complex" is one of the best protected sites in the German state of Hesse.Griesheim resident Daniel Bangert recently discovered what could happen to those who show a little too much interest in sites like Dagger.On the one hand, intelligence agencies cooperate with one another and exchange information.On the other hand, Washington spies on many countries, at least to some extent.Countries like Cambodia, Laos and Nepal are apparently more or less irrelevant from a US intelligence perspective, as are most European countries, like Finland, Denmark, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

Germany is a special place for the NSA, in many respects.According to the list of spying priorities, the European Union is also one of the targets of American surveillance, specifically in six individual areas.The areas assigned a priority level of "3" are EU foreign policy goals, "international trade" and "economic stability." Lower-priority areas are new technologies, energy security and food security issues.One analyst is quoted as saying that he always felt that he had one foot in prison when he was using the program, but that he began feeling more confident after going through training.Toilet Seats and Seaweed Prior to XKeyscore, the work of the NSA analysts was comparable with "Forrest Gump on his shrimping boat off the coast of Alabama," reads the report from Griesheim.

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Still Waiting for Answers The priorities list, in which Germany is shown as a target, is a setback for the Americans' efforts at controlling the damage caused by the leaking of information about various espionage programs and surveillance operations.

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