Stages of college dating

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You can spend a Sunday stalking their profile until you are either looking at pictures of them in grade school or on their mom’s, brother’s or 3rd cousin’s profile.You can also see what they are interested in or stalk all of their pledge brothers or sisters … But don’t accidentally “like” one of their photos from 2008, which makes them creeped out and loses any chance of taking it to the next step.You’ve agreed to not hook up with anyone else, but you could hook up with someone else as long as they don’t find out — you’re still new to this.There are no titles, even though you both possibly like each other… You go on dates (hopefully to Chipotle and he pays) and you call each other your boyfriend or girlfriend.In other words, this would be the stage where you say you have a “thing.” Everything is so exciting and you just wait by the phone for the other person to respond.

You can either go straight from strangers to hooking up or repeating the process of being friendly exes and enemies.

" But, like it always does, these conversations turn into something deeper. You know his name and have some mutual friends, it's time to go millennial on his ass. Man to yourself anymore, or you're going to explode.

Man is now occupying your thoughts at an unhealthy level. You can't keep these random thoughts and facts about Mr.

Your relationship is turning into routine that makes it boring and not exciting.

You feel like it’s a chore and you are maybe even feeling suffocated.

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This stage can either die out eventually or you receive or send out the text a little earlier in the night so you actually have time to talk. You finally turned that late night booty call into a regular thing.