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This stage can either die out eventually or you receive or send out the text a little earlier in the night so you actually have time to talk. You finally turned that late night booty call into a regular thing.You text on the reg and hook up sober (and after you go out).There’s finally that feeling where all you want to do is jump all over each other while you’re hanging out — and everyone knows it.All your friends notice that you blush or laugh a little extra hard at their jokes … Well, the sexual tension was finally released with that 2 a.m. ” Which in the college world, stands for, do you want to come over to “hang out.” They are either gone before the sun comes up or wake up not remembering how they got there.Your relationship is turning into routine that makes it boring and not exciting.You feel like it’s a chore and you are maybe even feeling suffocated.But no good essay was ever written with tired eyes, right?

You can either go straight from strangers to hooking up or repeating the process of being friendly exes and enemies.

Read the syllabus, write down important due dates, memorize professors’ office hours, the usual.

You know there’s a paper due the third week of classes, but you just ordered your textbook and it won’t arrive for another few days anyways. ) Your textbook arrived, and the smell of new pages reminds that you have less than two weeks to write this paper.

but probably not, he still thinks sitting on the couch and ordering Domino's is a date.

One of you hooked up with another person, but you are still holding on to the fact that you might get back together. Moral of being exes: just end it and don’t look back.

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Things are still new, but you both enjoy spending time together in every way. This “lifetime event” gets tons of likes and comments saying “congrats! ” It’s finally time to let everyone know that you are in a relationship …