Steve poltz dating

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Steve poltz dating

Good as Poltz’s previous albums have been, they’ve also been fairly uneven, which is sort of to be expected when you’re vacillating between cuts as tongue-in-cheek as “Hand Job on a Church Bus” and ones as straight-up pretty as “Good Morning (Waking Up With You),” but still often adds up to a less-than-completely-satisfying listening experience.

Here, though, Poltz nails a perfect landing on the balance beam – sometimes gently humorous, sometimes gently sentimental, and always…well, let’s just abandon the dispassionate rock-crit façade for a minute: It’s terrific. It’s terrific for a lot of reasons, first of which is – duh – the songwriting, which plays purely to Poltz’s strengths without ever getting dull.

The ensuing handful of songs, filled out by guitar, bass and drums, were vibrant and full of attitude, injecting much-needed spirit into both the crowd and the star.

With the right backup group (surely the Rugburns) in tow, Jewel’s career could easily outdistance both of them.

On their own, Jewel’s sweet folks songs, sung in her semi-angelic though otherwise unimpressive voice, are sympathetic tales assembled in easily digestible pop frames.

Steve Poltz is the writer of many a wonderful song.

He cowrote, "You Were Meant for Me" popularized by Jewel.

You can listen to my main man Poltz on myspace to see if you like him first.

The first song I ever heard from him was "Hitchhiker Joe". Luckily, I just checked myspace and indeed, HJ was up on the board.

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If she instead chooses to mostly perform as a solo act, the reverse will surely hold true.