Swiss dating service

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Swiss dating service

As the largest and most valuable bank in Switzerland it is considered one of the world's eleven "Bulge Bracket Banks".

Katia Squeo of the civil protection agency said: "The electricity was restored and the guests didn't want to go, so the mayor ordered the evacuation.The town itself was protected by avalanche barriers and they were at no immediate risk.Under suspicion: Olivier Jornot, Prosecutor General of the Canton of Geneva, updates the media about the money-laundering investigation into HSBC's Swiss private bank after searching its offices in Geneva The investigation comes just over a week after HSBC Switzerland found itself at the centre of a massive global scandal following the publication of secret documents that claim to show it helped people avoid tax In an unusual move, the Geneva prosecutor’s office alerted the media about the raid.Two hikers were also injured after being caught up in a different an avalanche in the Swiss Alps.The avalanche struck the region of Valais, pictured, which borders France and Italy.

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Mr Jornot said: ‘What we are looking for today is not yet proof.

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