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It’s for this purpose that breasts took on the round fleshy shape they are characterized by today.

Lately, it seems that signaling has gotten a little out of hand.

There’s always something lurking in the far corners of the web.

The Fetish Community Breast fetishism is clinically known as “mazophilia.” It falls under the DSM category of partialism, meaning an exclusive focus on one part of the body. Anil Aggrawal refers to breast partialists as those with, “an exclusive or almost exclusive reliance on breasts as a stimulus for sexual arousal.” There are a number of categories breast partialists can fall into.

One blogger writes, “For me, being able to nurse someone is almost unexplainable, but the best way I know how to describe it is: yes, there's eroticism involved because breastfeeding an adult is still primarily taboo in mainstream society...

But really, the biggest thing for me (being the altruist that I am) is the idea of caring for someone and nurturing them in a way that no one else in their life does or could.

I've always been a die-hard tit man ever since I could like girls (the bigger the better).

If you get stuck on a crowded subway, you’re likely to bump into a few pairs. You can make them bigger and you can make them smaller.I love imagining unreal and fantastic things, and if we're going to have something be unreal and fantastic, why not breasts, I find them arousing enough as they are!"The "Breast Expansion Story Club” site is where you can go to see the fetish demonstrated in comic form.The idea that they're gaining sustenance from something I'm providing from my body as nature intended breasts to be used for.” Proponents of the fetish often point to the fact that breastfeeding releases oxytocin, the same hormone that is released when a person falls in love.Some women claim the act can result in orgasm, or “breastgasms,” as they’ve been termed.

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Adult model Mayra Hills (aka Beshine) sports size ZZZ breasts, which weigh a total of 42 pounds.