Theology on tap dating

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Theology on tap dating

Devoted to discussion pertaining to those issues which are specifically relevant to people under 45.Topics must have a specific perspective of people in this age group for it to be on topic.I went as many times as I could when I lived north of Houston.One of the topics was about a priest who left the oil industry after 20 years to become a priest, one was about a Catholic radio host and author, and another was about Exorcisms.Apparently, back in the olden days, our grandparents could easily find an eligible single Catholic who shared their faith and worldview. On one hand, there are a lot fewer faithful single Catholics left to marry.But, on the other hand, dating apps and online dating services are — theoretically at least — making it easy for the rest of us to find each other.On Monday, February 12, from 6- p.m., Owensboro’s Theology on Tap will present “Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage – And Everything in Between” at Fetta Specialty Pizza on St. This casual gathering will include a forum of three sets of married couples from various stages and walks of life who will answer your questions about love, dating, marriage and anything else!The gathering is open to ages 18-39, and all relationship statuses are welcome.

Learn More: Pier Giorgio Frassati Recently I was visiting a parish in a neighboring county, and after mass it was announced that the Young Adults (21-30) were invited to "Theology on Tap" at a local bar.

Now, I'm really interesting in attending, or possibly finding a way to bring it to my local parish.

Do any of you lovely CM people have experience with this group/event? Shannon, Pardon me crashing the under 45 thread, and I will exit quickly, but I would encourage you to make time and go.

I know a number of very good young adults (practicing Catholics) in my area who have a good time, learn, share, support and encourage one another. There are volunteers who help coordinate the speakers, dates, and places for the Theology on Tap.

Topics can range based on speakers, but I'm sure that you can Google several different Theology on Tap sessions from various churches from previous years.

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