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Just behind Biff Aiden could just sees a smaller built man.

Both men were wearing Tuxedos Biff’s looked like it was two sizes to small for him. You.” Groaned Aiden from under the humping body of Biff.

Biff nodded and closed the door and turned to Aiden. Biff worked his fist in and out, then after twisting his fist around, he pulled it out with a pop. Biff left Aiden bent over the bench while he went to his locker he returned with a sports bag. Biff picked up a large black dildo from the sports bag, and smeared lube onto it. Aiden felt the overwhelming pressure build up, as the instrument was guided into his rectum.

“From now on you are compelled to do what ever I tell you to. Aiden let out a shuddering gasp as the dildo pushed it’s way past his fleshy resistance.

Aiden’s problem was that he would not stop screwing any girl he fancied. Biff could hold back no longer, he arched his back, driving his cock in as deep as he was able.

And Biff didn’t like the idea of his sister dating a guy like Aiden, so he had a plan to put a stop to what ever Aiden had planed for tonight. “Thought you would like a lift to the prom.” Said Biff as he lead the three of them out of the dorm house. Biff shouted out loud, and orgasmed like an earthquake.

Standing by the curb was a large black limousine, the limo driver, a tall fair-haired guy in his late twenties stood holding the back door open. His body shook, his hips push down onto Aiden he gasped for breath. “Cum now, bitch.” Just before his orgasm hit it’s high.

For some reason the guy kept watching Aiden smoking his cigar. “Don’t you think this limo is a quiet, and peaceful place, to relax and have a sly smoke before the prom.” As the guy spoke he timed his phrases to match the pace of Aiden’s breathing. He was ready to move to the next stage of his plans. Was Aiden’s opinion as he gazed at himself in the mirror.

As a rule Aiden didn’t smoke much, but what the hell thought Aiden he was going to get laid tonight. Sounds like a wild beast escaped Aiden’s lips as Biff’s cum filled his arse.

He took a cigar from the pack; Biff produced a lighter and lit the cigar. Aiden’s still tight arse clasped even tighter around Biff’s cock, milking even more cum from it.

Must be a corsage for one of their dates thought Aiden he was soon to find out that the box held something else. In a moment Biff would pull out of Aiden then he would carefully slide Aiden’s pants back on him, and have him sit on the remaining cum till they arrived at the dorm house.

Aiden wasn’t to know it but the smaller guy was a Hypnotist paid by Biff to hypnotise Aiden as the first part of his plan. Biff wanted there to by plenty of dry cum stains on Aiden’s jacket, shirt and pants when they were returned to the hire store the next day. Biff would get the driver to clean up the left over cum with his tongue before he returned the limo.

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Fuck, Aiden’s arse felt so hot and tight, Biff changed the length of the thrusts into Aiden’s arse. Aiden’s mouth watered at the thought of that cock sliding into his mouth, and down his throats.

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