Tree ring dating simulation kit

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“Aiden, from now on you will obey without question or resistance every thing Biff tells you. He’ll drive around or stop and wait for orders but that’s all he’ll do or see.” The Hypnotist pointed to the paper that Biff was holding. Which was held in place by three hole for a Allen key. With training over Aiden found a secluded corner of the locker room against a wall.

“That’s the instructions to release the two of them from their trances after you are done.” The guy panted the driver on his shoulder the driver pulled over to the side of the road. Which made the whole thing look like it was on for good, until Biff removed the device. He waited for the locker room, and showers to empty.

Standing by the curb was a large black limousine, the limo driver, a tall fair-haired guy in his late twenties stood holding the back door open. His body shook, his hips push down onto Aiden he gasped for breath. “Cum now, bitch.” Just before his orgasm hit it’s high.

Aiden was just about to say something about all this, when Biff produced a pack of small cigars he held it out to Aiden. Aiden’s prick exploded cum all over the leather seat he was laying on.

“Drive to the secluded woodland outside of town once there park under the trees get out and go and wank under a near by tree.” Biff ordered the driver. The limousine pull to a stop under a large group of tree, Biff watched as the driver got out walked to a near by tree, dropped his pants and shorts and started wanking. When Aiden was bent over the bench naked, Biff lubed up Aiden’s arse with lube from a bottle. His fingers started to enter Aiden’s bubble butt, then suddenly with one mighty push, Aiden was being fist fucked.

The driver’s grunts and moans soon floated over to Biff. Aiden tried to use his arse muscles to expel the fist, but it was futile.

Aiden pick up the corsage he’d bought for Beryl and headed for his room’s door.

Just as he got to the door there was a loud knock on it Aiden opened the door standing in the doorway was Biff.

Biff was over six-foot tall, and widely built his frame nearly filled the doorway.

In under 15 minutes and without even realising it was happening, Aiden was fixed deeply in hypnotised dreamland. Don’t want the driver knowing what happened.” Said Biff. Biff knows he couldn’t last much longer, he picked up the pace of his fucking. A metal strip went round his waist, a metal cuff was behind his ball sacs, and sturdy ports connected the cuff to a downward pointing curved tube on his prick. Aiden had thought it through well, he wore a Jock strap over his encased genitals, so it was just a matter of putting on his kit, and trainers.

The Hypnotist took the cigar butt from Aiden’s hand he spoke clearly to Aiden. “No need.” Replied the Hypnotist handing Biff a piece of paper. His hypnotically oblivious to everything at happens in this limo, he’ll ignore all the sexual activity that happens. Just above were the tube joined the cuff, as a metal panel. Training went well, no one noticed, or said anything about his slightly larger package than normal.

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The Hypnotist continued his apparent aimless monologue, gradually he slowed down soon Aiden’s puffs on the cigar matched the timing of the guy’s aimless monologue rather than vice versa. He had left for the Prom with Beryl’s bother Biff and some other guy. Biff had not only encased Aiden’s prick in a metal chastity device, but had also shaved Aiden’s crotch of all its pubic hair, and given him a very short buzz-cut haircut as well.

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