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- y 2020 the main industry will still be Distraction.

Alternate realities of 2020 will likely make our "Halo 2" console game look like a pair of dice.That is, they use Short-Term Energy Releasing Behaviors, to feel better. The issue is not to regulate them but to offer a life in which such behavior is not needed and that too can be accomplished on the internet.We need to create valuable and helpful communities on the web that will allow millions to connect.Responses in reaction to the following provocative future scenario were assembled from a select group of internet stakeholders in the 2006 Pew Internet & American Life/Elon University Predictions Survey.The survey allowed respondents to select from the choices "agree" or "disagree" or to leave the scenario unanswered.

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Respondents were encouraged to provide a written elaboration to explain their answers; they did not always do so, but those who did provided richly detailed predictive material.