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Social Security’s National Disability Forum is April 18 at 1100 New York Avenue in Washington D. The Disability Forum gives all interested stakeholders an opportunity to share their unique insights on topics of particular interest to Social Security.

This allows an exchange of ideas early in the process and directly with policy makers.

With the theme of , the forum will serve as a listening session that brings public awareness to disability and retirement policy stakeholders.

Through this dialogue, we will gain insight into how our representative payee policy affects the disability and retirement communities we currently serve and the potential affect it may have in the future. April is National Social Security Month and is dedicated to educating you and your clients about Social Security programs and services.

Contact the state department that the LLC's formation paperwork was filed in and any other business department in states where your LLC is authorized to do business.

Ask what form is required to change the LLC's address. Visit each state department's official website to check if you can download and print the necessary form.

The information requested on the form varies by area, but typically includes the LLC's name, name and address of the registered agent and the old address of the main company office.

Pay the filing fee shown in the form's instructions.

Official state paperwork and legal notices are sent to your LLC's registered address and if the address is wrong, you may not get important papers on time.If you die, your family (or future family) may be able to receive survivors benefits based on your work as well.If your clients would like to learn more about Social Security and exactly what they’re building for themselves by paying Social Security taxes, have them take a look at our online booklet, As part of National Consumer Protection Week, Social Security hosted a Facebook live event on March 8 with Lisa Schifferle, an attorney with the Federal Trade Commission.If applicable: Replace your legal name with your business’ name and enter your EIN in the “SSN ON FILE” field to update.Include your daytime telephone number in case we have questions.

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Visit the official website of each relevant state department to check if the name change process is available online.