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Updating formica

A laundry room can be a great space to add personal flair.

While colorful paint is easily the cheapest method, there are plenty of other ways to make it your own.

The melamine cabinets with oak trim looked so sad next to the bright white and stainless steel.

Adding insult to injury, our blue laminate countertops with oak trim were being upstaged by the covering the countertop of the new cabinet. Check out how my contact paper kitchen counter has held up over the last two years! I really wanted to paint the cabinets white, but I was worried about how well regular paint would stick to melamine.

Once I got the walls and ceiling painted, the countertops stuck out like a sore thumb. I then had the brainiac idea that I would use stone texture spray paint! How awesome did this look – I was really getting excited that this just might work! It was actually kinda fun to move it around and then simply let it dry.

We’ve made a few changes to our kitchen to improve the flow and storage situation.

The fridge moved to where an exterior door once was and I installed a used kitchen cabinet in its place for pull-out trash cans.

Neo Cloud laundry room Neo Cloud A simple closet rod is the easiest way to introduce a space for hanging clothes on hangers to dry. A backsplash: Tile can be expensive and difficult to install (not to mention a great place for lint and dust mites to gather).

Hooks, plant hangers and towel bars, are just a few of the items that can be used to creatively make space to hang items to dry.

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Even the 80s track lighting was replaced with a shiny new kitchen track lighting.