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Building out a simple drywall closet is ideal for such purposes and costs a fraction of what installing cabinetry would.

Open shelving can also be installed above your worksurfaces for additional storage. Add a bit of clean and modern edge with a flashy laminate color or bold pattern.

Laminate counters are ideal in a laundry room because of the style options and the cost savings from other alternatives.

Often, a laundry room serves as a multi-purpose room and thus necessitates additional storage for sports gear, cleaning supplies, or pet food.

While colorful paint is easily the cheapest method, there are plenty of other ways to make it your own. Zinsser B-I-N primer, which is shellac based, stopped tannin bleed amazingly well.I used one coat of primer on the melamine cabinets, and two on the oak sections.I started painting the cabinet frames first, and didn’t prime the oak side panels first. The white turned an orangey-yellow as it dried, and it took 4 coats to cover it up.Half the can was gone and I hadn’t even started on the doors!

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I didn’t want to get new formica and I certainly could not afford granite – what is a girl to do when faced with a conundrum of epic proportions? Well I came upon this group of people at Thrifty who had PAINTED their formica to look like granite. I was VERY apprehensive about undertaking such a drastic measure; however, as I looked at the leprechaun green color complete with honey pine trim and shiny brass knobs which only added to their “splendor”, I thought how much worse can it be?!? I had my blowtorch ready to burst the little bubbles that can form and I only had to use it on a few.

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