Updating fta receiver

Posted by / 26-Feb-2017 12:28

This will not result in a message displayed on the screen.

E23 mandatory E23 Preview Period The current event of the currently watched service is an IPPV event, and it is in preview.

This means that there are no ECMs being played out by the headend.In case the card belongs to a secondary operator, this status also implies that it’s not blocked by business rule.- At recording, the connected DVB Descramble Service, whose service handle is passed in the resource define, can’t find a card to do descramble which is supposed to do the recording too (except for FTA program for which card is selected by DRM service directly.); At playback, no information of the Smart Card which was used during recording can be found as the targeted Smart Card for playback (except for legacy recordings, for which primary card is assumed to be the card for playback).STB Error Code List Error Code Note SCREEN TEXT DESCRIPTION E00 mandatory E00 Service not scrambled The currently watched service is not scrambled.E25 mandatory E25 Event already purchased The IPPV event has already been purchased.E26 mandatory E26 Event is recorded The first time that the viewer surfs onto an IPPV event, the smartcard records this event in its database.

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E17 mandatory E17 Service is currently scrambled The viewer is not entitled to watch this service because the sector number in the ECM playout is not on the smartcard.