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Our goal is to match mentors to every woman member who wants to advance to Fellowship.

Mentors must be fellows and it is especially helpful if they already have well-established ACSM networks.

Following its successful implementation in 2015-2016, and with excellent feedback and guidance from protégés and mentors, the ACSM Mentoring Women to Fellowship initiative continues through 2016-2017.

Twenty-nine protégé-mentor dyads are currently working to meet the goal of increasing the number of ACSM women fellows.

She has worked in both the private and university setting during her 30 years in the fitness/wellness industry as an educator and supervisor of fitness staff.

The Mentor Volunteer Form and Protégé Application are both available online at under the Ni Cole Keith, Ph. Most recently, she has accepted leadership for one of ACSM’s newer initiatives — the ACSM Mentoring Women to Fellowship program. Keith provides a timely overview of this important program – encouraging Fellows to become mentors who can help women toward successful advancement to Fellowship. Keith and other ACSM volunteers who are committing efforts and expertise to this initiative! After two years of training, cardiovascular health was dramatically improved!

Fitness increased by almost 20 percent, meaning on average the cardiovascular age of participants decreased by about five - ten years.

Importantly, no one in the exercise training group decreased fitness – although of course there was variability in the response.

Linda Pescatello, Ph D, FACSM, is a Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut.

Her research on topics including exercise and hypertension, physical activity interventions and exercise genomics (among other topics) has been widely published. D., FACSM is the Chief of Cardiology at Hartford Health Care Heart and Vascular Institute in Hartford, CT.

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Shehas served on multiple editorial/review committees and advisory boards during hertenure as a member of ACSM.