Updating linksys wireless firmware

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If using PPPo E, make sure you use the correct username and password.

For cable and satellite users, generally DHCP is the correct setting. For users trying to share a dial-up connection, you'll need to read the Wiki article Sharing Dialup.

Keep in mind, versions post-v24 SP1, so builds 24XXX, now require you to change the username and password on first boot.

Telnet/SSH username is always root and the password is always the same as the GUI password. We have a page in the Wiki just for you: Router Slowdown Look into Qo S: Quality of Service If you have just updated the firmware, you probably need to reset the router.

But, for now, search the wiki and the forums for more information, just to verify that it's truly bricked. Reset your router to Factory Defaults both before and after flashing the firmware. Verify that the computer is on the same subnet as the router. Verify that the computer is set to dynamically receive its address if it's not statically set to 192.168.1.x.

If your computer's IP address is, you may not be able to access the interface.

There are Wiki pages for Supported Devices and Known incompatible devices. Open VPN support requires routers with at least 8mb flash, and for better speeds use ARM-based routers.DD-WRT firmware default settings (sometimes called factory defaults) are stored in NVRAM. Flashing with TFTP must not be seen as the standard procedure for flashing: only use it when specifically told to do so (for example in the specific instructions for flashing your brand or type of device).Normally, the GUI flashing method should be used; this should be adequate for standard situations. If you forgot your username or password, see Factory Defaults, Hard reset or 30/30/30 and Reset And Reboot.If you are running Windows, can connect to the router, and the DHCP service is assigning an IP address, the default gateway will normally be the address you need. It will be listed under the active network connection. Make sure you follow all the instructions, especially the part about resetting your router before flashing and in between each additional flash. Then you should input your settings manually, not by uploading the config backup file!The backup file is only for restoring the settings to the same dd-wrt build and the same router. If the power light flashes on and off, then the firmware is messed up, but the router should be recoverable. It may also be possible that your router has a different IP address.

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Unplug the power from both the router and the cable modem. If not: Clone the MAC address from the old router/computer.

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