Updating server list

Posted by / 13-Jun-2017 22:08

I'm not friends with everyone in the Discord servers I'm in, but if they say "Anyone want to play X?", I may decide to join in, and if they have their follow settings set to friends-only, I need to find them in the server list.Hello Developers, Today we released an update that altered how server lists are displayed on the games page.

That way you can get into a random server without your friends.

A number of other major types (dwarfed only because of the sheer size of ROBLOX's playerbase) have been neglected.

While small in percentage, power users are a major driving factor for ROBLOX.

To put this into perspective, the subset of these users that have front page games is even smaller, yet both of us would laugh at anyone who insisted that their numbers were so small that they didn't matter.

Power users are the current front page game developers, upcoming developers, and users who have enough brand loyalty that they've stuck around long enough to become power users -- this group, while small in comparison to ROBLOX's overwhelming playerbase, is responsible for attracting revenue from the largest group of players and providing a veteran community that can help teach new users.

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I use the server list to find a empty / full server. We are working to empower developers by providing more matchmaking tools so they can make these choices themselves.