Updating server list earth dating methods

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Updating server list

We may also look into a way to get into a more or less populated server.I really wish we were told about this change ahead of time so we could work through these inevitable problems before the change was actually made, it would've saved everyone the panic of trying to work around the removal of such a core feature. I will keep this as constructive as possible, as I don't take staff outreach for granted -- you didn't have to do this.That being said, is this really the best way to go about this?Automatic detection of spam and bots might be a better solution to look into (although I'm sure you guys have looked into it already).

I used the server list to do (insert action), how do I accomplish (insert action) now?

A number of other major types (dwarfed only because of the sheer size of ROBLOX's playerbase) have been neglected.

While small in percentage, power users are a major driving factor for ROBLOX.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or other feedback. In the past, bots have found ways to get past captcha, and we found that captcha hurt the overall user experience.

Please keep it civil – we would really like to discuss with everyone and accommodate the valid use cases brought up in this forum. This also still doesn’t solve the scalability issue of the server list. We have shipped an update to give users with the can Manage Group Games permission to view the server list.

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Starting today users will only see servers that their friends are currently playing in.

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