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Posted by / 04-Nov-2017 16:18

Updating sky box

The normal vector of each plane should be pointed in the direction.

Every element can slide across the screen in relation to camera rotation with the sole exception being the central plane (bright white “star” on the picture above).

You should be able to connect those to a openhab sensor without too much problems.

Unfortunately I still don’t know how to get detailed info from the panel.

I may be able to get into my Vivint Sky Panel (v-mp2-345) via SSH vulnerability posted HERE: In case that thread disappears here are the relevant bits: Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous "There’s a port that is serving a maintenance website with no credentials. Also on that page you can get the root password from the source html.

The installers never uninstalled the old gear which is all zwave, with some devices that may be propitiatory to Vivint. I’ll try and post my results once I’ve made progress. There are such things as secondary controllers but I don’t really know how all of that works.

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Make sure that the texture named Lens Flare object is used for the actual rendering of the effect.

In essence, such an object consists of several planes with each plane containing one element of the flare.

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