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Updating sonicstage database

Windows 7 premium users can't even switch their system in to XP mode. This works for Sony Net MD players and Sony Hi MD players.So that's very sad for all these Mini Disc lovers among us. Windows 7 pro 64 bit users don't need to go in XP mode to get their Net MD to work.I've never had any problems at all with Sonic Stage in the past, in fact I found the program easy and fast, but i read in the help files that it has protection against checking in on a different comp.Now that my hard drive is formatted it wont let me put my music back. I recently had my hard drive formatted, and wanted to get my music transferred from my MD to my PC.

Sonic stage 2 is coming out this month tho and has unlimited 'check in' AND 'check out' functions.

this suggests that nothing on my comp is corrupt (reffering to the database error message) but sony's software itself! silly beggers didn't get the battery recharger tho, or the usb cable for it - which I left at home. So I've ordered a Hi-MD player from amazon - I'll let you know if the rumours are true when it finally arrives. PC, but I think its impossible cause of there g-a-y compresson format.

Should I take the battery charger and usb cable into work and leave them in my coat pocket for the theives as a present... If you wish to thank me, just post it computer had sonicstage already installed in it when i got it. The easiest way I find to get music to my MD is to use Nero and set up an image drive and burn the music to an image on this drive like you would a CD this takes like 5 minutes. I've wasted 10 CD's with this software - but there is no alternative available. This downloads a little patch from Real Player and allows you to transfer Mp3 to your net MD, the same as a CD.

It looks good from seeing sony's propaganda, but will it actually work...? I have just got an net md mz-ne410 wont bother even trying sonys software heard such bad reviews , thought about real player as adam suggested but last time i tried real player windows media player threw a fit so that options out too, so Ive wasted my cash it looks like never mind I can still copy my dvds so yah boo sucks to sony, Perhaps you may know of alternatives , I have approx 18gb of mp3 on my hardrives and simply want to transfer stuff back and forth between pc and the net md , seeing adams thread I will look out for the new sony stuff and proceed with caution A really great forum Suzanna, Sorry, but the easiest way to get your recordings onto your computer is to use the headphone jack output, and connect to the input jack on your sound card.

Then use your favorite capture software to rerecord what you want in real time.

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