Updating sonicstage database who is jeremy davis dating

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Updating sonicstage database

do anyone know where i could download the program to transfer songs from my computer to my mzn505 MD player and viceversa?

i lost the install cd and i can't do anything without it. thanks a lot you can email if you have any idea or just post a reply.

its taken me a few hrs to actually find a forum that resolves the problem without suggesting a format!

i noticed that real player downloads a plug-in that works along-side sonicstage, i.e. Some git nicked off with my NZ710 - they stole it from my coat pocket at work!

or should I buy a mouse trap and put that in my coat pocket instead? but when i got my md player (MZ-NF610) it came with a sonic stage cd and a program called a "Net MD Simple Burner". but then, it turns out you can only burn from CD's you already have and NOT from the computer harddrive. so in uninsatlled it and installed it again, and now BOTH of the prgrams won't work no matter how many times i uninstall and install. Then use net MD to transfer from the image drive to the MD, this bypasses the stupid protection from SONY.i have the ne410 and i want to use a different program other that realplayer and sonicstage they all really suck the big one has anyone found other programs that work better to do this i really want to use it and not feel i have wasted my money on this email me if you have other options to use the mdbesides that it is nt like i have been pirating music i do it for my own benefit and here i pay x amount of dollars to find out just to have the music on my minidiscman i have to save it twice on my hard drive just to be able to play all my mp3's plus takes hours then the sonicstage is so buggy that if it is doing multile tasks it crashes sony i want you to come up with a better program for this i would spend more money on your electronics if i didnt get screwed like this all the time so if anyone can help me please email me @ [email protected] would really appreciate it Guys Here is my story i got sonicstage 1.5 with my minidisc all wen well then i decided to fuke that over and get 2.0 2.0 is bugged tot eh max and wouldnlet me uninstall it i finnahly got rid of it and now i installed 1.5 again the first is alwasy best now thats pooned bigitme and nothin works I RECOOMENT Realone Player 10 *free* com its good just yup SONY SUX PEN1S THEY ALL HAV TINY POONED UP PEN1SES and HAVE no idea how to make a program ALOT like indows Every1 who has internet EXPLORER i repeat get rid of it its Hacker and Spy centralto here downlaod firefox its great BILL CLi NTON or wat ever ya name is the pooner who runs Microsoft Get a life and grow a pen1s Anyone know how to overcome SS problem when transferring to Atrac CD. The easiet thing to do with this is use Real One Player (yes the free one! Be patient though, you have to mess around with some of the settings before you get it down.

Hi just to tell you that if you use the link above to download the software, it will work with your MZ-N505 MD player. Only problem is that it records in Long Play format and so I cannot play my MDs in my mains unit which is older and does not have the LP option. I have never read such utter garbage relative to Sonic Stage.

this suggests that nothing on my comp is corrupt (reffering to the database error message) but sony's software itself! silly beggers didn't get the battery recharger tho, or the usb cable for it - which I left at home. So I've ordered a Hi-MD player from amazon - I'll let you know if the rumours are true when it finally arrives. PC, but I think its impossible cause of there g-a-y compresson format.

All you have to do is download the 64 bit Net MD driver and follow the tutorial below.I am also finding this problem extremely frustrating.I am trying to use the Net MD walkman to do fieldwork in linguistics and finding it impossible to upload the recordings to my PC.I've never had any problems at all with Sonic Stage in the past, in fact I found the program easy and fast, but i read in the help files that it has protection against checking in on a different comp.Now that my hard drive is formatted it wont let me put my music back. I recently had my hard drive formatted, and wanted to get my music transferred from my MD to my PC.

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