Updating the valentine one

Posted by / 16-Jun-2017 12:28

Also included is a non-GPS model, the Escort Redline, which set a record when it detected our radar guns from a supernatural 15-mile distance.

The issue of long-range supremacy brought up a question we've never been able to answer.

It was well received, so the following year, I got a few of my webcomic pals involved, and things snowballed from there.

It was inspired by those gorgeous felt ruffle wreaths.

I thought first that I could make a bunch of crocheted circles and pin them on a wreath form. at two ends a circle that's a of weaving, so I came up with this :) The basics of this pattern is a crocheted base with two rounds, one made in the back loops only. Yarn-Red Heart Super Saver or a worsted weight with some "stiff-ness". You know how sometimes, something's easier to understand when you just ? Bye for now blogger friends, Grace Ann PS-Let me know if you see any mistakes!

Over the next few years, things were heating up, and then I suddenly lost my passion for growing and promoting the event.

I ended up going solo until 2011, when I totally forgot to create a pic until literally the night before.

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