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4) Choose the copy icon (as shown in the images below) and press A to copy the Gamesave you have selected to the Xbox. Be sure to check your Xbox region if you are using Splinter Cell.

If you see any other screens besides this, something is obviously gone wrong with transferring the game to the Xbox, or you don?

If you do not read this and do something incorrectly, it is your own fault. Where it will only boot your dash of choice installed. Where it will boot your softmod when tray is closed and something else when your DVD tray is open. Loader for Splinter Cell (PAL Version) Copying the Gamesave to your Xbox Insert your USB Device or memory card into your Xbox before you start it up. ve started your Xbox, the MS dashboard should appear.

Smart Movie was helpful in advising us to download new codecs as well as providing a link to the download page for various codec packs.

But its ugly design and small annoyances let it down somewhat, meaning that though we’ll probably continue using this program, we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes open for a decent (and ideally free) competitor.

Hi guys and girls, Below is a rough txt version on the softmod installer manual so you can have a read through and decide if you want to download it or not.

the file is in rar form at had has the pdf version of the manual included. 2) Now, select the memory card that you inserted and press A. Select the Gamesave you want to copy to your Xbox HDD by pressing the A button on your Xbox controller.

I have and use this software my self and it works great, I have only used the splinter cell version of the installation.

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Without having to remove your softmod via the Gamesave, and it? The following Chart will explain what they mean, and how they work. - Retail Mode by the Ndure Install, or simply your Xbox is not modded. - Modded state, yet color of lead could have been changed by a Dashboard or an Application. When you boot SID 4, or power with open tray menu having Gamesave to boot, this is the color of LED you? THIS CAN BE DANGEROUS IF MESSED WITH, SINCE IT HAS YOUR TRUE SOFTMOD FILES ACCESSABLE, SO PLEASE FOLLOW THE ONSCREEN INSTRUCTION BY PRESSING ? t get true access, unless your booting the game you used for the softmod. - High Definition Patch - SID 4 now lets you run your Xbox in High Definition mode correctly. - Full support by all the Admins/Moderators from Forums for this installer are in the above link and we support it in everyway. If the Xbox is not showing this version, and you wish to keep this dashboard, you will have to use the Auto-Installer Deluxe 3.0 Final DVD to finish off your installation.

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