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Dual Boot Open=Retail (NDURE) - This will make it so your Xbox will run in retail mode when you power on with open DVD tray. - e:\evoxdash.xbe, e:\dash\default.xbe, and e:\dashboard\ - If none of the dash targets are found, then it will boot to C:\rescuedash\default.xbe, where it will load a menu to restore your dash for security reasons. - Since files are exposed, we have disabled all possible tampering with it, by denying all FTP access, and even the boot of a CD (non-original), to prevent you from messing something up. 2) Scroll down to the System Info at the bottom of the next menu, press A. 3) In the system info it will display your Dashboard versions This is a screenshot of something similar to what you will want to see.

- Allowing you to play your original Xbox live games on Xbox Live! ll know what is running and what is going on, by the LEDs of you Xbox on your front panel. The following has been disabled, and the consequences. s another nkpatcher system allowing the use of all partitions normally. - You cannot boot discs while this is running, only originals, but they must be cold booted, and they are cold booted, then you don? 1) Click on the Settings button on your Xbox Dash, press A. The System Info screen will give you all the information you need to know about your Xbox console including your kernel version and dashboard version. The section highlighted in red shows you what your Dashboard version is.

the file is in rar form at had has the pdf version of the manual included. 2) Now, select the memory card that you inserted and press A. Select the Gamesave you want to copy to your Xbox HDD by pressing the A button on your Xbox controller.

I have and use this software my self and it works great, I have only used the splinter cell version of the installation.

So, open your desired program and then drag and drop the or file to the memory card. There are 5 files in the SID package, you will need to transfer TWO of these to your Xbox (this is a little different from the older SID systems so please beware).

You need the main installer file, and the Gamesave for the game you wish to use.

Smart Movie can perform all of these tasks with ease, and without too much trouble on your part.We found that in terms of its basic functions, Smart Movie works admirably well.Despite an unattractive and cluttered user-interface, opening and working with video files ran pretty smoothly.The well implemented context help feature proved to be a really, explaining the functions of each tool.Smart Movie, for its general success in shrinking and chopping your movie files, ranks well among its competitors in the video conversion market.

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But its ugly design and small annoyances let it down somewhat, meaning that though we’ll probably continue using this program, we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes open for a decent (and ideally free) competitor.