Updating web content symantec sbe 12 0 client not updating

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Updating web content

Who needs the yellow pages when you have an internet search engine?Suppose you want to find a vet for you new puppy near you.

They can update the site from anywhere with an internet connection as long as they have a username and password. So each "page" is a set of information from the database which is displayed within the defined look of the site (known as the template).What if you have been asked to update a website and you do not have the username and password?Then you need to contact the company that is hosting the site and/or the administrative contact.These commands are then interpreted and the result displayed to the user by a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome (my preference) or Firefox - software which is easy to come by on any machine.One of the most exciting features of HTML is the ability to link a document to other documents, not just on your web site but on any computer in the World Wide Web.

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