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Updating windows from other drive

Time Required: It usually takes around 15 minutes to update a driver a Windows, even less time if the driver is self-installable or you get it via Windows Update (more on all of that below).Follow the easy steps below to update drivers in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP: Optional Walkthrough: If you'd like to follow the process below, but with more details and screenshots for each step, use our Step by Step Guide to Updating Drivers in Windows instead.One useful feature Windows 10 has, is that it lets users move the installed Windows Store apps to any other drive.You can also change the path of the default installation directory, for new apps.AOMEI Partition Assistant can easily resize partitions or merge partitions when suffering from not enough disk space for upgrading to Windows 10 without data loss.1. Besides this free edition, you can also try the AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional edition to experience more advanced features.If you are thinking of upgrading your PC to Windows 10, you should know some essential things before doing so.

I will definitely use this product again it will always be highly recommended to my colleagues. While trying to do Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 upgrade to Windows 10, users may receive a prompt message that Windows needs more space offering two other options to solve it, one is "Use Disk Cleanup to free up space", the other is "Choose another drive or attach an external hard drive with xx GB available".

A driver update isn't always a fix-it task, either.

An updated driver might enable new features for the hardware, something we see on a regular basis with popular video cards and sound cards.

If you have saved a large amount of data on C: drive, then Windows 10 upgrade will need relatively more space to complete the upgrade.

If the hard drive does not have extra space to add to system partition, then you can create a backup of your system drive and then format C: drive in the Windows 10 upgrade process.

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