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Validating australian bank account numbers

For example, your organization might use the part number PAD-NR-YEL-8 1/2x14" to represent a notepad that is narrow-ruled, yellow, and 8 1/2" by 14".Another organization may identify the same notepad with the part number "PD-8x14-Y-NR".Another organization, however, might structure their general ledger account segments differently, perhaps using twelve segments instead of five.The Accounting Flexfield lets your Oracle General Ledger application accommodate the needs of different organizations by allowing them to customize that key flexfield to their particular business usage.

And like a key flexfield, the pop-up window has as many fields as your organization needs.

Oracle E-Business Suite represents these codes using a particular key flexfield called the Accounting Flexfield.

One organization might choose to customize the Accounting Flexfield to include five segments: company, division, department, account, and project.

When your organization initially installs Oracle E-Business Suite, you and your organization's implementation team customize the key flexfields to incorporate code segments that are meaningful to your business.

You decide what each segment means, what values each segment can have, and what the segment values mean.

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