Validating australian bank account numbers

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Validating australian bank account numbers

Another organization, however, might structure their general ledger account segments differently, perhaps using twelve segments instead of five.

The Accounting Flexfield lets your Oracle General Ledger application accommodate the needs of different organizations by allowing them to customize that key flexfield to their particular business usage.

Your organization can define dependencies among the segments or customize a descriptive flexfield to display context-sensitive segments, so that different segments or additional pop-up windows appear depending on the values you enter in other fields or segments.However, the form does not contain specific fields for each detail about a given asset, such as amount of memory in a computer or lifting capacity of a forklift.In this case, having all the potentially-needed fields actually built into the form is not only difficult, it is undesirable.Oracle E-Business Suite represents these codes using a particular key flexfield called the Accounting Flexfield.One organization might choose to customize the Accounting Flexfield to include five segments: company, division, department, account, and project.

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Your organization can define rules to specify which segment values can be combined to make a valid complete code (also called a combination).

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