Validating the gds depresion screen in the nursing home Geogia chat sxs live

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Validating the gds depresion screen in the nursing home

Study sites included 19 employers and five organizations serving employed populations.

Workers age 45 and older participated in voluntary, privacy-protected, web-based screening for depression and for depression-related work limitations.

These physical conditions include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

Telomeres & Mitochondrial DNA Researchers found that two important processes may contribute to cell aging: telomere shortening and dysfunction in mitochondrial genetic code (mt DNA).

Telomeres are critical to maintaining chromosomal stability.

After each replication, the telomeres “shorten” thereby reducing the strength of the cell and affecting the aging process of the cell.

On any given day in 2016, RCCs had 811,500 residents.

Additional findings were as follows: Mental Health America (MHA), a leading nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the mental wellness of all Americans, has released its latest report “The 2018 State of Mental Health in America.” To learn more about the report, Psych U interviewed Paul Gionfriddo, President & Chief Executive of MHA, who shared highlights of the report regarding mental health access, prevalence, and related trends seen across the nation and within individual states.

Members of the WFI group saw a 44 percent drop in the amount of time they were limited in their ability to perform work tasks, compared to a 13 percent drop in the usual care group.

Days that employees were absent declined by 53 percent in the WFI group while it was 13 percent in the group that had usual care.

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