Venus says dating

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Visit his website, for advice on dating, marriage, divorce, parenting, romance and workplace issues. I remember it used to be de rigueur for kids to go out in groups, and then as the night wore on a few would pair off, disappear from the group, and “hook up”.To him, the experience she has determines how she feels about him and their time together. You must have already noticed that, in most cases, that goes against the grain; that as a general rule, men are better at listening than speaking.Now of course, that is not to suggest that a woman show no curiosity about his life or his interests.Hell, part of me wants courtship to come back into vogue!

I love the way they do their chicken….” In a man’s mind, he’s scored major points.Meanwhile the women will be busy in conversation over a dozen different topics.On a first date especially, a woman should not attempt to test a man’s verbal skills, because they’ll come up short—and he’ll know that. While a woman wants to anticipate carrying the conversation, she should be careful not to focus on negative past experiences—particularly in dating.This leaves him with the feeling that the date was not a success. Males project themselves into situations that they hear about; so when a woman shares her past relationship disappointments, the guy may nod empathetically, but all the time he is thinking, “That sounds like me! Martians communicate with the aim of problem solving or impressing upon one another their unique point of view.” Additionally, women should not look to use men as sounding boards. That’s why men will so often ask in wonderment, “If you didn’t want my help, why did you tell me about this in the first place.” In other words, sharing for the sake of sharing is an alien concept on Mars. The bottom line: Make it an experience you both enjoy.

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Venus Scorpio, Mars Aquarius, Saturn rx Taurus I would like to find somebody to try this dating thing, I know what I want from a relationship but …

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