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Venus says dating

The point is not to leave the burden of carrying a conversation on his shoulders because there is a good chance that will lead to a series of uncomfortable moments where he is just not sure what to say.You can see this Martian/Venusian communication gap for yourself. Often you’ll see the males gravitate to a TV set and they bond, mostly in silence, by watching a game together.To him, the experience she has determines how she feels about him and their time together. You must have already noticed that, in most cases, that goes against the grain; that as a general rule, men are better at listening than speaking.

On a first date especially, a woman should not attempt to test a man’s verbal skills, because they’ll come up short—and he’ll know that. While a woman wants to anticipate carrying the conversation, she should be careful not to focus on negative past experiences—particularly in dating.

I’m described as ‘gentle’ a lot; not a very sexy impression. Yes I too have tried going out with men I didn’t feel that attracted to, to see if maybe I just had too narrow a definition of how it ‘should’ work; to try to act outside my own assumptions to see if they were my blindspot. Reading posts above I get it; without the electricity it feels like a waste of time.

If you have Venus in Capricorn then age in some way shape or form is going to be a theme with you – as is the desire for that serious lover.

(And no, I wasn’t doing anything else with guys, either, besides being platonic friends with them.) I have too much Saturn. For a while it seemed young people had stopped dating in general.

Sometimes this led to relationships, and sometimes it led to a lot of hurt feelings. I would like to see dating become more traditional again.

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It’s as if he went into the kitchen and cooked that meal himself.