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list=ULq Yp903NC9-M&t=147Oh, his wife Nadezha was my favorite on SYTYCD Ukraine's seventh season (I almost didn't recognize her with that short hair). Alexander shares the same style that I loved about her so mark him down as one of my favorites. list=ULZmpj1ft4DM4&t=114She's rocking the gothic ballerina look. list=ULr Mik PL3XVq8&t=29Letting out your inner beast, yeah. EDIT: Looks like Moscow auditions are not done after all, there's one more audition episode this week.9th Audition Episode / 14th October 2016 / Full Episode This week's really all about the gals, balancing out the guy-heavy episode from last week.

list=ULGEsen Hdvz J8&t=63Too bad about the botched end. list=ULx ONWbz EVELo&t=186Dude got some nice technique. Also the first Ballroom guy this season if I remember correctly? list=ULtb DN2i YXNl A&t=124Hella impressive, that musicality is insane. Moscow is usually the last audition stop, so there should be one week dedicated to Callbacks before the liveshows start next Saturday.

list=ULJVs Yn Iw H-Vg&t=74Slightly martial-arts-ish. I know what he's capable of from RU1tv, so I'm rooting for him. I looove the wildness and unhingedness she's expressing here. The only kid they featured this season and she's right up there with the best. v=Yvw GNj Ra UK8Safar / 21 / Contemporary / https://youtu.be/o_GVVfaa Duc? Not sure what the significance of doing that is, though, since the team won't be formed until next week, apart from the judges checking the contestants' preferences for one particular team. list=ULl B79Xz5n Ec0&t=68Turns out there are more contestants than shirts. Instead of choosing a Top 24 like it was intended for Season 1 and 2 the live-shows will start off with 33 contestants which will get cut down to a Top 20 and sorted into two teams after the first week, with each team presumably consisting of five female and five male contestants.

t=56Same style as Anastasia Vyadro but at the same time so different. t=64Despite what her pink hair and back tattoo might be suggesting she dances so gently that I almost feel like I've been wrapped in cotton just by watching her. v=g Rf ARi__q_k--------------Afterwards the contestants get to choose which team they want to be on by picking a shirt out two boxes: blue shirt for Miguel, red for Egor.

He will always be remembered as the boat guy though. Well, Im willing to give her the benefit of doubt since she seems like a pretty sweet girl (emphasis on pretty face) and perhaps the judges know more than than they let on.

Probably the most unique thing I've seen during auditions. Well, who doesnt like some goth angels once in a while. People have been speculating that Svetlana has been chosen for the sole purpose of being canon fodder or, alternatively, driving people to vote for their actual favorites in order to get her eliminated, based on the fact that she seems to be universally disliked on social media platforms.

Hes already handled as a major fan-favorite for some reason so Im eager to see what he can do on Egors team. I loved this tbh, not only because literary references are always a plus in my books but because humorous and somewhat bizarre pieces are also right up my alley. She and Irina Kononova were way too similar as mature blond Contemporary/Modern dancers and Irina was easily the more unique one based on her audition, so it was rather easy choice.

list=UL-5YJp Ox BVg M&t=132That guy's a class act.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack. The make-up artists really went all out with their eyeliners, eh? Which makes it all the more baffling that its Svetlana who gets picked for the top 20 by Miguel and not Valeria, if one of them had to get picked at all. Konstantin getting picked by Egor seems like a good fit. This style of dance is so Nastya Vyadro: its the ultimate stylized objectification of the human body, entirely focused on the voyeuristic gaze of the viewers (though the infantilized crawl towards the audience was a bit too much, even for me). From these two Valeria (in pink) is easily the more successful one at replicating that style which makes for somewhat of a mismatch since Svetlana (in blue) looks a bit stiff at times, disrupting the synchronicity.

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Also, who wouldnt appreciate seeing Stanislav all royal and handsome. Dima really couldnt have gotten a more suitable pair of dancers to execute his choreography, Dimitry Schebet proved that he is an incredibly versatile B-Boy years ago on SYTYCD Ukraines sixth season and Keyko Li can be easily described as the shining star of RU1t last year.