What is a good response rate for online dating

Posted by / 17-Nov-2017 12:34

Which is great news because sending emails is really the second step in the online dating process. after a year of doing this site, things are really taking off and we are heading in the direction I want to see us go in. I love the email below because this guy is sharing something that’s worked for him.

And I have to change my profile to match better some of your suggestions. I’m just tired of putting in the effort emailing first.I don’t know if you want to use it for an article, just wait until after my first date with her, though.😛 One question: You mentioned somewhere about a secret technique to get profiles at the top of searches, kind of “tricking” the system.I was a little surprised with these results because years ago, I tried it and I think I was getting a response rate of about 1 in 8 or so.Pics were the same, but I think I was using a canned message that I read about online somewhere... Anyway, if you are getting a decent response rate, could you post your profile for some inspiration?

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