Wheelchair dating online dating site where single meet

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Wheelchair dating online

However, let’s call dating in 2017 what it is: a game based on physical first impressions, usually in the form of a profile picture you make a swiping decision on in a split-second.

Because of this new reality, I know that addition of my power chair to these photos, despite the honesty, will hurt my chances of meeting someone who can probably have his pick of the walking-in-heels litter.

Keep reading for 5 great tips to help you navigate the dating world in a wheelchair. First dates are famous for being awkward, this is intensified when you’re in a wheelchair.

While a wheelchair doesn’t define a person, it does shape your personality and life. Prospective partners from regular online dating sites may reject you based solely on your wheelchair.

Luckily, when I was dating (and still walking) prior to getting married in 2004, I generally had no trouble getting them to like me, either. I’ve had multiple sclerosis for 13 years, and I’ve been using a power wheelchair full-time for almost four years.

I got divorced in 2015 and I’ve had two children, so I’m not what I used to be in my younger single days.

In other words, compared to some of my female peers, I think I’ve still “got it.” Now I introduce to you…

Too bad he turned out to be a class-A jerk later on, but at least the experience reminded of what I was looking for.

Communication makes it easier to relax and be yourself when disabled dating. Plans to go ballroom dancing in an upstairs studio will put a damper on the evening if your date didn’t consider mobility barriers to the activities.

It can be hard to know exactly what you want and if a prospective date has the qualities you are looking for.

I refuse to settle for mediocre and thank my lucky stars that any man will still give me the time of day as his charity case.

I refuse to think less of myself as a woman or potential girlfriend just because some men might do that when they see my chair.

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