When updating iphone what is other

Posted by / 17-Jan-2017 09:19

When updating iphone what is other

This article will show you how to disable automatic downloads on an i Phone, i Pad or i Pod running i OS.

It will also show you how to disable a feature called Wi-Fi Assist which is enabled in the default settings as of i OS 9.

In this post, we’ll lay out a few different techniques to decrease ‘Other’ storage on your i Phone or i Pad.i OS doesn’t break down the ‘Other’ storage category, but i Tunes does.

To check how much device storage is lost to the ‘Other’ category, hook up your device to a computer with the included USB cable, launch i Tunes and select the device.

If you’re finding some irregular download history for your Mobile service in Toolbox, automatic downloads are common causes.Please note: The automatic download of the latest i OS software updates seem to unavoidable.i OS software updates download automatically in the background and then prompt you to install them.Every time you connect your i Pad, i Phone, or i Pad device to your i Tunes, you will most probably see a color-coded graph which indicates your device's different space usage. The "Other" space include your mail cache, messages, and attachments, browser cache, i Tunes backups, game data, saved data files, and many more. You will also be able to see how much storage space it has already used up.If you want to clear this space, here's how to reduce the "Other" data on your i Phone or i Pad in i Tunes. If "Other" takes up below 1 GB, it is not a cause of worry and you don't really need to delete the data there.

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