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When updating iphone what is other

The good news is, your proactiveness in dealing with this issue should pay off.

It’s actually fairly easy to recover your usable storage lost to ‘Other’ space hogs by specifically targeting certain items.

Some apps include a user-facing option to delete their own caches.

Tweetbot, for example, has a Reset Account Cache option for each account in the settings.

Hopefully turning off the "Use Mobile Data" switch as per the instructions below would force this unavoidable download to Wi Fi only, however it's difficult to confirm this because there's no clear information on the Apple Support website.

If you’re finding some irregular download history for your Mobile service in Toolbox, automatic downloads are common causes.

It will also show you how to disable a feature called Wi-Fi Assist which is enabled in the default settings as of i OS 9.Before we begin, let me just bring to your attention the fact that i Tunes has been found to sometimes erroneously report the size of ‘Other’ storage.To force the app to recalculate the correct i OS storage usage, de-select and re-select the “Open i Tunes when this i Phone is connected” option available in the Options section of i Tunes’ Summary pane.As much as I searched, I couldn’t find cache-cleaning switches in such apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Whats App, Viber, Dropbox and One Drive.Some apps that manage online content allow you to mark items for offline use.

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