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America Ferrera shares whatever she has freely and her friends know they can always count on America's generosity and support - both emotional and material.

Her good-hearted acceptance and tolerance of others' foibles goes a long way toward maintaining harmony in her relationships.

America is attracted to foreigners, exotic places, traveling and people who can expand her horizons, teach her something, or show her places and worlds she has never experienced before.

Sharing a philosophy or ideal with her love partner is important to her.

America Ferrera has a childlike openness and playfulness that is very appealing to others but sometimes gets her into trouble, as America takes risks on an impulse or a whim.

America wants to see sparks fly once in awhile, even if it means instigating a fight.Ferrera craves excitement and emotional freedom and she likes to break the rules and take risks.Anything new or untried appeals to Ferrera and she has little patience for restrictive customs.America Ferrera also has a lazy streak and sometimes avoids confronting difficult issues in relationships simply because it seems like too much trouble and too petty.America likes to socialize and will use any excuse to celebrate with friends.

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America Ferrera is attracted to unusual, creative, or offbeat people and nontraditional lifestyles and relationships.

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