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Who is tank dating 2016

Given Putin's obvious confidence that he'll get any result he wants — preferably an overwhelming one but not so close to 100 percent as to be ridiculed — the motivations of the people who are supposedly running against him are interesting material for psychologists.

Pavel Grudinin, the Communist candidate who is not a Communist Party member but a wealthy agricultural entrepreneur, says he's running so that all Russians live like his well-paid workers (so perhaps more as an advertisement for his enterprise than anything else).

Navalny was prevented from registering as a candidate because of a trumped-up criminal conviction that's likely to be overturned by the European Court for Human Rights, like the previous convictions of Navalny and his brother, but not in time for the election.

So now he's calling for a "voter strike," a boycott of the vote.

Like, when I say Spanish bad words, I feel no shame, guilt, or anything.

But I can't even TYPE the F word without feeling bad. It all makes sense to me and I buy into the whole story and the God-given challenge of keeping the faith in a world that needs physical and scientific proof for everything.

But is it because the ideology is being proven, or is it the simple sense of accomplishment that I feel, like reaching any goal.

Grigory Yavlinsky, an old-school liberal who took part in two of Russia's six previous presidential elections and and whose best result was 7.3 percent in 1996, wrote an emotional op-ed in the anti-Putin Novaya Gazeta, hinting at martyrdom and insisting his goal was to fight for his version of the truth — both about the Putin regime and about the right path for Russia.I've been conditioned to associate a certain lifestyle with being happy."If I do a list of things, and avoid another list of things, I will feel peace and joy." So I strive to do live like that and when I achieve that standard, I DO feel good.Navalny is the only rival Putin appears to take seriously.He steadfastly refuses to mention him by name, and when asked a question about him during a recent meeting with a group of servile editors, he claimed he himself was the preferred candidate of "the U. administration and the leadership of other countries" — something of a compliment given Putin's fixation on fighting off a Western threat.

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There's a tremendous amount of guilt when I go against Gospel standards.

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