Who is torrie wilson dating now

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Who is torrie wilson dating now

The very physically fit couple showed off their beach bodies during a weekend getaway to Los Cabos, Mexico over the weekend, and Wilson, a former professional wrestler, could hardly contain her curves in a white string bikini.While Rodriguez, 37, opted for a black T-shirt and blue plaid shorts, Wilson, also 37, chose to flaunt her figure in a barely there swimsuit as she strode across the beach and chatted with Rodriguez’s 8-year-old daughter Natasha.She was born in a middle class family in Boise, Idaho, United States of America to Al Wilson. She received her formal education from high school in Idaho. She was interested in modeling since her high school days. During this married life they didn't have any children though. They began dating each other from 1999 and after being in love affairs for about four years they finally got married on 11 July 2003.She has also won several other awards and has also been champion in WWE. Edit She opened clothing lone along with her fellow mate Nick. Edit In 2007, she was seriously injured in the wrestling match. During this time, she opened a clothing line in USA. She dated him for about four years and they finally got married on 11 July 2003.They remained together for about half a decade and they divorced in 2008.

In 2000, she won Golden Thong Award from World Wrestling Entertainment. They began dating each other from 1999 and after being in love affairs for about four years they finally got married on 11 July 2003. Edit With an aim of being a super model, she signed a contract with the Playboy magazine in 2003. However, she had bad times in wrestling career during this year; she had several disputes of her mates there. In 2008, she also ran an event in New Jersey to rise the funding for the retired wrestler. Edit She also dated Carlito Cool, he was also a wrestler. She was also the manager of him and she managed her wrestling matches. Edit Peter Gruner was not only her husband, he was also her love of her life.He missed most of the 2013 season recovering from surgery on his left hip.“I think it’s only fair to see where he’s at, physically,” manager Joe Girardi told The Post in January.He also attended some of her wrestling matches and encouraged her.Edit Torrie Wilson began her professional wrestling career in 1999.

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Although Wilson hasn't commented on the split, she did retweet "inspirational tweeter" Dale Partridge who posted, "Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity." She also Instagrammeda photo of herself with a friend two weeks ago and captioned it, "There's nothing like a #Friend who has been there to see it all.