Why do women lie about dating

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And, no, that wasn't a high-fashion pun about your girl's choice of denim.

Here are 15 common lies that women will tell us, and what they actually mean.

What it means: If today were opposite day, yeah, I’d be fine.

Why they use it: Because it would be too easy to just come right out and tell us that something’s bothering them.

As it happens, though, dishonesty is simply part of human nature.

Like I said, you can't run from it, so you might as well embrace it and try your best to stay one step ahead of it.

Look, lying is normal – especially concerning matters of trivial importance.

With that said, when these lies start piling up, it's important to keep it a buck with yourself and wonder whether or not you've strapped yourself to someone with their pants on fire.

Why they use it: I don’t know, maybe because she’s triple the legal BAC limit and her perception is slightly skewed.Why they use it: To buy themselves some more time while getting ready.Used in a sentence: “You can wait outside, I’ll be ready in five minutes.”Synonyms: Gimme a couple; I’ll be out soon; Five mins; Take a five What it means: I’m very drunk.Why they use it: To seem polite, even though they just blatantly ignored a string of your text messages.Used in a sentence: "Sorry, my phone’s dying and the charger is on the other side of the room – I’m just getting these now." [...

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Why they use it: To prove that they’re very in control of themselves and liquor consumption.

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