Windows update is being blocked from updating

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This script is not intended as production code, and the script itself is not supported by Microsoft (though the underlying Windows Update Agent APIs are supported).One of the most controversial features of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is its automatic update feature.Microsoft released a tool for Windows 10 Insider Preview systems that adds the functionality back to Windows 10.

While the computer won't explode after installation, users may notice that some functions are not working properly anymore but crashing Explorer instead.This means that you need to remove an update through other means before you can hide (block) it with the help of this tool.A selection menu appears that you use to block updates from being installed automatically.The other option, "show hidden updates" enables you to unblock updates so that they are automatically installed by Windows Update afterwards.Closing Words The process is not as comfortable as the old process of hiding updates via the Windows Update control panel update.

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The scripting sample in this topic shows you how to use Windows Update Agent (WUA) to scan, download, and install updates.

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