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Woking dating

The rules had been drawn up by John Graham Chambers but appeared under Queensberry's sponsorship and are universally known as the "Queensberry Rules".

These rules were eventually to govern the sport worldwide.

He served as such until 1880, when he was again nominated but refused to take the religious oath of allegiance to the Sovereign.

Viewed by some as an outspoken atheist, he declared that he would not participate in any "Christian tomfoolery" and that his word should suffice.

The Union, always small, ceased to function in 1884.

His divorces, brutality, atheism, and association with the boxing world made Queensberry an unpopular figure in London high society.

In 1882, he was ejected from the theatre after loudly interrupting a performance of the play The Promise of May by Alfred Lord Tennyson, the Poet Laureate, because it included a villainous atheist in its cast of characters.

Queensberry sold the family seat of Kinmount in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, an action which further alienated him from his family.His eldest son and heir apparent was Francis Viscount Drumlanrig, who was rumoured to have been engaged in a homosexual relationship with the Liberal Prime Minister, Archibald Earl of Rosebery.He died unmarried and without children from a gunshot wound.Queensberry's efforts to end that relationship led to his famous dispute with Wilde.Queensberry was a patron of sport and a noted boxing enthusiast.

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Francis was killed in a shooting accident in 1894; the inquest returned an "accidental death" verdict, In February 1895, angered by the apparent ongoing homosexual relationship between Oscar Wilde and his son Alfred, Queensberry left a calling card reading "For Oscar Wilde, posing as Somdomite[sic]" at Wilde's club.

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