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Www wet chick datinghair com

You can use a little piece of chicken wire or fine hardware mesh that covers it.The big Chicken Coop they will be using when they are older.Some even offer free deals where if you buy the feed you will be able to get a free chick.Make sure when you call you ask what breeds of chicks they will be getting in.A Waterer and a Feeder – I used these little plastic ones you can find at feed stores for a couple of bucks each.

Make sure and watch because most online chicken companies will require a minimum chicken order.It’s best to get this figured out early so they are not giant chickens in a little bin while you are trying quickly & frantically to build a coop for them.I called the feed store in my town to see when they have their “chick days.” Turns out most feed stores have a day where they will get in a huge lot of baby chicks where you can choose to pick up just a few or a large lot of chicks.Chickens will peck each other to death if they see blood, so the red light will make everything red thus avoiding any pecking injuries.You could also use a white heat lamp as well and just keep a good eye out for them.

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If they are huddling in the corner farthest away from the light they are too hot, and if they are huddled in a ball under the light they are too cold. Use the thermometer to get your heat lamp at the right height for the temperature needed.